Bring on Summer,
Rock your Bikini Body

June 17 - 21
5 Day Smoothie, Juice and Greens Cleanse

Rock the Green Smoothie in a Bikini

“The Bring on Summer cleanse helped me to lose weight and changed my eating habits to keep the weight off.” Andy Ofiesh, Software Developer, Arlington, MA

Are you ready to Supercharge Your Health and
Experience the Benefits of Cleansing?
  • Weight Loss
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Digestion
  • Glowing Skin/Bright Eyes
  • Clearer Sinuses/Allergy Relief
  • Jumpstart Healthier Eating Habits
  • Release attachments to sugar, dairy and caffeine

Liz Vequist

 Are you ready to look and feel fantastic?

Bring on Summer and get ready for the beach with the 5 Day Bring on Summer Smoothie, Juice and Greens Cleanse Group.
Why Cleanse?

Cleansing allows you to get a fresh perspective on your food choices and release habits and patterns that aren’t working for you. Cleansing is also an opportunity to get a jumpstart on new habits that will serve you better.

Inspired to try a juice cleanse, but worried you’ll be hungry and exhausted?

This cleanse is designed with your busy active lifestyle in mind – this is not a fast.  I’ve added smoothies and green salads to the meal plan so that you can experience the benefits of cleansing without hunger or deprivation.


5 Days of Cleansing June 17 – 21

Day 1 – Ease into the cleanse with a smoothie, a juice and two delicious vegan meals.

Days 2 – 4 – Two delicious, filling and nutrient-rich smoothies, 1-2 fresh vegetable juices to detoxify and cleanse your body plus a hearty green salad to give those molars something to chew on.

Day 5 – Ease out of the cleanse with a smoothie, a juice and two vegan meals.

Bonus Green Smoothie Challenge – 7 more days of Green Smoothies.


Anyone can do this cleanse successfully… whether this is your first or sixth cleanse with me!

Meal plan, recipes and shopping lists are all included in the workbook. The preparatory teleclass will answer all of your questions. The food is inexpensive and easy to prepare. No expensive supplements or powders are needed.

Everything that you need to have a successful cleanse experience is included!

Full support before, during and after the cleanse will be provided through a private Facebook group for a total of 16 days of support. Support is crucial for a fun and successful cleanse. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Want to start on Sunday instead of Monday?

No problem! Some people start a day earlier or a day later and everyone will have support from myself and the group the whole time!

No Juicer?

Don’t despair… juicing is nice, but optional. There will be smoothie substitutes for juicing.

Want to try Juicing before you buy a Juicer?

Ask your friends if anyone has a juicer you can borrow. Or find a juice bar near you that makes fresh juice.

“I have never tried a detox program before so I was nervous if I would be able to do it. Liz was really great in walking us through the steps of the program and was there for me when I was starting to feel like I may not make it through. I felt really good when the 5 Day Cleanse was done and will continue many of the lessons that I learned during the cleanse.”

Cindy McCarthy, One Life in Balance, Boston, MA


The 5 Day Bring on Summer Cleanse is for you if you’re ready to…

  • Release those extra 5 pounds and get ready for the beach.

  • Supercharge your energy and enjoy summer!

  • Look radiantly healthy with bright eyes and clear glowing skin.

  • Jumpstart summer with healthy new food choices and eating habits.

“Best cleanse yet.”

Best cleanse yet. This was my second cleanse with Liz and I’ve done a few others over the years, but the idea of a summer detox consisting of fresh fruit and veggie smoothies was brilliant and delicious. The handouts were clear and the instructions were easy to follow. Plus, the private Facebook page was a great place to stay in touch and share experiences. I would highly recommend.

Gabrielle Fisher, New York

Yes, I’m in!

Tell me all the details…

16 Days of Support!

First Teleclass: Wed. June 12 – 8:00pm 

Cleanse: Monday June 17 – Friday June 21

Second Teleclass: Thurs. June 20 – 8:00pm

Bonus 7 Day Green Smoothie Challenge: June 22 – 28


  • Two 1-hour Teleseminars – The first call will prepare you for the cleanse and answer any questions that you have about the cleanse. The second call will help you transition out of the cleanse as well as assist you in how to eat healthier after the cleanse. Both calls will be recorded, so if you have a conflict you can still participate. (Value – $200)
  • Bring on Summer Cleanse Workbook – Includes complete cleanse instructions, meal plan, dietary options, recipes and shopping list. The workbook also includes the Radical Self-care Guide – lots of ways to nurture and pamper yourself while cleansing. (Value – $50)
  • Online Private Facebook Forum provides motivation and support throughout the cleanse from myself and a community of other cleansers. You will have full support during the cleanse – many people report that this is what makes the cleanse so successful for them! It is also the #1 reason people repeat cleanses with me year after year. (Value – $50)
  • Bonus! 7 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – June 22 – 28 The 7 Day Green Smoothie Challenge will keep you drinking green smoothies after the cleanse ends, helping you to hold onto healthy habits for another week. Plus! There will be a prize for one lucky person who completes the Smoothie Challenge. (Value – $59)
  • Bonus! Yoga Poses for Abdominal and Core Strength 20 minute guided yoga video with poses specifically designed to create strong abdominal and core muscles without doing sit-ups or crunches.


The total value of this program is over $300,

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But your investment is only $127!

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“I was also pleased to lose a few pounds I hadn’t anticipated!”

It was great, thanks so much Liz! I am not sure I ever would have tried the smoothies on my own! Now I feel confident about including them as part of my diet. I was also pleased to lose a few pounds I hadn’t anticipated!

Joanna Scaparotti, RMT & Coach, Beverly, MA

“I find it so helpful to have set parameters, and the group support makes a big difference.”

Group cleansing is really the way to go! I find it so helpful to have set parameters, and the group support makes a big difference. Liz is an excellent guide – helpful, inspirational, knowledgeable, and gently encouraging along the way. This was my 5th cleanse with Liz, and I’m looking forward to more in the future. Thank you!

Katie Hazard, Harvard School of Public Health

“The support of Liz and the other participants makes it so much easier to stick to it and makes it a fun experience!”

I think this is the BEST way to do a cleanse — Liz provides clear, easy to follow instructions and great recipes. She is available for questions throughout the entire cleanse. The support of Liz and the other participants makes it so much easier to stick to it and makes it a fun experience!

A MacMillan Watertown, MA

“I highly recommend this cleanse. It was helpful with getting better eating habits, weight loss…”

The smoothie cleanse was led in a comprehensive, professional, informed and positive way by Liz. I highly recommend this cleanse. It was helpful with getting better eating habits, weight loss, better understanding of the foods that are not so healthy, and feeling better in general. Thanks, Liz!

Sam, Boston, MA

Liz VequistLiz Vequist has worked with over 1000 clients over the last 10 years and led more than 20 cleanses over the last five years. Liz loves working with her clients to lose weight in fun, easy and healthy ways. Liz is the founder of two health and wellness businesses in the Boston area – Watertown Holistic Health and Harvard Square Shiatsu. In her spare time Liz hoops, cycles, plays tennis and is a foodie – both in and out of her own kitchen.

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