Stepping into Your Future Self Interview Series

Stepping into Your Future Self
I’m getting interviewed on Thursday September 11! Melissa Waldron of Red Hot Now! is the host of Stepping into Your Future Self. Melissa is interviewing 7 Experts in the areas of health, money, soul purpose alignment, inner game mindset, and business growth. These interviews will inspire you and guide you to take the necessary action steps you need to get you into the spotlight so you can get seen, heard and valued for the awesome gifts you bring to the world!
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Liz Vequist, Holistic Weight Loss Coach
Thursday, Sept 11, 12pm ET, 9am PT
Does Looking Good Need To Be Hard Work? If someone tells you that you are looking good, do you hear yourself say, “Yes and I worked hard for it!”

But does it really have to be hard work? What if you could simply live your life in a way that feels good with the results that look good. Win-win, right? So how is it NOT hard?

How can we make change happen in our lives even when we resist it no matter what? How do you introduce change into a daily regimen so you get into the physical well-being state you desire? Liz Vequist will tell us how you can look good with EASE and feel good too and will give you some action steps to get you on your way.