Start Loving Yourself – Right Now!

Start Loving Yourself -Right Now!Are you ready to start loving yourself right now? Yep, that’s right, now… not at some distant point in the future when you’ve found the holy grail of perfect weight, skin and teeth. 

Let’s get the Yucky Stuff out of the Way First

Let’s look at the negative self-talk that you’ve been subjecting yourself to, day in and day out… what’s going on in that pretty head of yours?

When you look in the mirror, what do you say to yourself?

Do you see the beautiful woman that you are or…

  • Do you shower yourself with a list of critical mean self-talk?
  • How about when you try on clothes in a dressing room?
  • How about the last time you went bathing suit shopping (shudder…)? 

Think about all the mean stuff that you tell yourself – probably every day! When did this first start? When did you first start telling yourself that you weren’t good enough, that you didn’t like how you looked or couldn’t do something because of how you looked?


Now I want you to ask yourself –  would you talk like this to your best friend?

Would you even think it? Would you tolerate a friend saying these things to you? Wouldn’t you think they were really mean if they said half of these mean things to you?

So why are you talking to yourself this way? Don’t waste another minute treating yourself poorly!


Start noticing the TONE of the voice inside your head.

You know the one – that says you’re not good enough, that you can never look like that, that it’s too hard, maybe she can do it but you can’t, you’re just not young enough/fit enough/pretty enough.

How loud is this voice in your head? What does it sound like? Who does the voice sound like (sometimes a family member or childhood teacher).


Try turning the volume down, way down

… and next make the tone of the voice a bit kinder, gentler, softer and more loving. Ahhhhh….. that’s better, isn’t it?


It’s time to start treating yourself with Love. Look in the mirror and think of all the things you love and appreciate about yourself (right now, not after you’ve become Miss Perfect Pants!).

Ex: healthy body, sexy curves, nice eyes, strong legs, clear skin, etc.

I want to challenge you to replace negative self-talk with positivity. Immediately counter negative thoughts or comments with one of the things that you love and appreciate about yourself from above.

Ex:  When your mind says “look at those fat thighs!” counter it with “look at those strong legs that allow me to be active!”


You’ve had a lifetime of negative self-talk, so don’t feel bad if it takes some time to turn this habit around. Just keep making yourself aware of it and remind yourself that it’s not ok with you anymore. Soon you’ll be travelling on the superhighway of self-love and acceptance.

What are some things you love and appreciate about yourself right now? Share in the comments below!