Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage is a traditional form of Asian bodywork designed to enhance and restore health. Through the application of pressure and stretching techniques shiatsu alleviates stress, relieves muscle tension, eases joint stiffness and realigns the structure of the body.

Pressure along energy pathways of the body moves stagnant energy, clears energy blocks and brings the body into balance. Shiatsu works on the body’s physical, emotional and spiritual planes. Shiatsu is deeply relaxing and has an overall calming effect, allowing the body the opportunity to heal itself. Regular Shiatsu massage sessions help to prevent the build up of stress in our daily lives.

Shiatsu is performed through clothing. The session takes place on a shiatsu mat at floor level. Please wear or bring loose, warm, comfortable clothing and socks. Following a Shiatsu massage session people often say that they feel relaxed, calm, and balanced.

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Traditional Shiatsu Massage….$80

60 minute full-body treatment will address the root cause of your complaints and leave you feeling balanced, relaxed, and renewed. The traditional treatment also includes foot, hand and facial massage techniques.


Deluxe Shiatsu Massage….$110

90 minutes of total pampering. This is an excellent choice if it’s been awhile since you had a massage or if you have multiple areas that need to be addressed. A great gift!


Mini Shiatsu Massage…..$45

30 minute treatment is just enough time to focus on one area of pain or tension. Great for a quick stress break in the middle of your workday.


Save with Shiatsu Massage Packages

5 Treatment Package… $350
10 Treatment Package… $650


Shiatsu Massage in your Home

We can travel to you! Experience Shiatsu in the comfort of your home.
$20 travel fee applies.


Onsite Chair Massage

Available at your corporate office, event or home. Call 617-459-9817 for pricing and scheduling.


Please allow 24 hours for cancellation.

Visa / MasterCard Accepted