Rebel without a Cause

RebelI’m a rebel from way back. I’ve hated authority since I was in school and was told to sit still, be quiet and pay attention (but whyyy….. when it’s such a beautiful day out?). Maybe it started even before school when I first learned what the word NO meant (but I want candy!!). And yea, those rebellious boys? Of course those are the ones I fell for :).

I love being a rebel – doing my own thing and forging my own path in the world that is unique and different from what everyone else is doing (one of the many reasons I’m an entrepreneur).

And yet, I’ve had to realize that sometimes this rebellious attitude of mine gets in the way. When a coach or a mentor gives me good advice (that I’ve paid a lot of money for!) and I don’t want to listen.

Or when my own good intentions go by the wayside because I’m rebelling against myself. Wait a minute, is this even possible? Oh yes…

Do you find yourself rebelling against You?

You’ve decided that you’re going to start working out or writing a book (ahem) or losing weight. You sign up for a program, hire a coach, or you make your own plan. Whether you’re doing it on your own or not, this is something you really want. You start off strong… and then the rebellious attitude begins.

“I don’t want to get out of bed to work out!”

“I don’t want to eat an apple instead of a brownie!”

“I don’t have time to meditate in the morning.”

You get the idea. So while your inner rebel can be very handy at times and has probably served you well in the past, sometimes she can get in the way of what you want to do now. If you try fighting your inner rebel, you’re not going to win, because she’s a fighter! If you give in to her all the time, you’ll find yourself stuck and immobile – because well, you’re fighting yourself! I recommend a softer approach.

When my inner rebel starts putting up a fight, I check in with myself first. Is this thing that I’m rebelling against something that came from me – that I really want? If the answer is Yes…

Well, then let’s try turning the volume down on that rebellious voice inside your head. And change the tone so that she’s just a bit sweeter. Kinder. No longer kicking up a fight. Then have a BFF chat with Ms. Rebel to find out how you can make peace. Is there something she wants that you’re not giving her?

Are you a rebel at heart? Do you find yourself rebelling against you? What do you do about it?