This is how I looked in my 20’s. No I didn’t like how I looked.

Liz Before and After

This is how I looked in my 20’s. No, I did not like how I looked. More importantly I plain and simple didn’t feel good. I would come home from sitting all day at my office job (that I hated), make dinner (or get takeout) and watch TV while I ate. I ate a junk food vegetarian diet in those days – think pasta, bread, sugar and beer… w/some salad on the side.

I had no energy to go out, so I didn’t. I had no energy to look for a new job so I didn’t. Did I go to the gym I belonged to? Not often. I did find the energy to walk down the street to the local bar and consume large amounts of beer.

One day I took a good look at myself and realized I had turned into a version of myself that I did not like. It was not just how I looked, it was the whole package. It was definitely not what I wanted my future to be like.

Step-by-step I began changing my life. Learning about food. Moving my body. Getting a job I liked better (and then another one…). Creating a life that was aligned with who I wanted to become. I started paying attention to what made me feel good (and doing more of that). I began treating myself as if I liked myself. Almost magically, my life started to become amazing (in all different kinds of awesome ways!).

When I look back to who I was then and who I am now… what I see is that all those small changes became really big ones. Those changes affected not just what I look like but how I am in the world – and how I inspire others every day of the week.

What I can show you is not just how to lose weight, but how to feel good – in your body and your life.

Start being more of who you want to be right now, no matter how old you are (or how hopeless you think it is). I know that I can help you because not only have I done it for myself, I’ve done it for others as well (in way less time!). When you’re ready, let me know. I can help. 

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