Healthy Indulgence

Strawberry Indulgence

This photo was taken at a business event in LA. Dessert after lunch was a huge bowl of delicious fresh local berries, plus a side bowl of fresh whipped cream. Why yes I will indulge – and feel Slim, Fit and Sexy!

Deprivation – “You can’t have that!”

Deprivation feels like something is being taken away from me that I want. It reminds me of being told “You can’t have that!”as a child. I’ve always had a sweet tooth, so it was usually something sugary that I wasn’t allowed. My response was to sneak it and have it anyway (and then feel ashamed).

As an adult, I recreated this energy with dieting. I wouldn’t allow myself to have something that I wanted – which of course made me want it even more… and then indulge in an extreme way when I lost self control (and of course feel ashamed that I couldn’t stick with the diet).

Moderation – Indulgence as part of a Healthy Diet

Moderation is enjoying a middle ground and avoiding excess and extremes. There’s a lot more wiggle room when I eat in moderation. It’s easier to to stick to a healthy diet when I allow for a bit of indulging. Even better, there’s no reason to feel bad or ashamed when I do indulge. It’s not the end of my healthy diet – it’s part of it!

Truth be told, I don’t eat a lot of dairy, because it makes me feel congested. If I were to “stick to my diet” I would have just had the berries, but I would have felt deprived (and probably made some bad food choices later). Instead, I made a decision to consciously indulge and eat the berries with whipped cream mindfully, enjoying every moment. I’ll be honest, I didn’t just have one – I had a bowlful!

You see, I believe in enjoying food.

I believe in eating real food Β and enjoying it to the max. Feeling bad about indulging and shaming myself afterward is a recipe for feeling bad about myself. Allowing myself to indulge and enjoy food as part of a healthy diet feels good.

So why’s my tongue hanging out? Nope, it’s not a sexy moment – my tongue is poised to catch the strawberry and safely deposit it in my mouth so I don’t waste it by wearing it on my dress.

Moreover, it represents the the act of tasting and enjoying food… and a good dose of healthy indulgence.