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Slim, Fit and Sexy

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Slim, Fit and Sexy isn’t about a number on the Scale… 
or the size of your skinny jeans. It’s a state of mind.
Ditch the Diet ~ Have Fun Getting Slim, Fit and Sexy
  • Ready to ditch the diet and step off the scale once and for all?
  • Discover your personal formula that will allow you to feel Slim and Fit.
  • Look and Feel Sexy no matter what your age or body shape is.
Are you ready to put an end to the dieting roller coaster ride?

You’ve tried counting calories, points and how many different diets? You’ve lost the weight and then put it back on. You’ve felt great and then gone back to feeling bloated, tired and uncomfortable. Let’s work together to end the roller coaster ride for good (because it’s no fun!).

Nutrition and Fitness individually tailored to meet your unique needs.

One size does not fit all and one weight loss program or diet does not fit all either. You will receive guidance and support that is individually tailored for your body and lifestyle. You will receive support and accountability throughout your program to keep you on track and meet your goals successfully.

Do you feel like you already know what to do… but you’re not doing it?

You know that little voice inside you that tells you what you need to do… and then makes excuses why you can’t do it yet? I will help you make that inner voice a priority and put an end to the excuses once and for all.

Lasting change doesn’t happen overnight.

We will work together in a step-by-step manner to achieve your health and weight loss goals. This plan is practical, works with your lifestyle, and takes your individuality into account. My expertise is in helping you figure out what works best for you and providing the support, encouragement and accountability to make it happen.

It’s not just Diet and Exercise…

I believe in an integrated approach which integrates those things that nourish you other than food. This includes healthy relationships, a meaningful spiritual practice, a career that inspires and financially supports you and movement that you truly enjoy. I will work with you to help you find balance in these areas as well as creating new habits which will lead to a higher quality of life for the long term.

Let’s have fun, enjoy life and feel good!

It all starts with the food you put in your body. Slim down with food that makes your body feel as delicious as it tastes. Get Fit moving your body in ways that are fun and make your body and mind feel great. Get that Sexy feeling back. Make time for self-care, personal relationships, hobbies and spirituality so that you feel connected and in balance.

What results can you expect from working with me?

  • Achieve your ideal weight and feel better in your body.
  • Find an exercise program that you truly enjoy and will stick to.
  • Reduce cravings and rewire emotional eating patterns.
  • Increased energy and vitality – naturally.
  • Confidently prepare delicious healthy food.
  • Learn simple time-saving preparation and cooking techniques
  • Figure out which foods work best for your body and digestion.
  • Lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.
  • Find healthy and fun ways to reduce stress
  • Achieve a more balanced lifestyle.

 I offer Seasonal Cleanses, Individual and Group Health Coaching Programs. Want to know more? Let’s talk! 



Slim, Fit and Sexy Discovery Session

Are you ready to Have Fun Getting Slim, Fit and Sexy? In this 45 minute consultation we will discuss your individual health needs in depth and determine if we are a good fit to work together in a private program. 

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