Can you get Fit without the Gym?

Liz VequistCan I be honest with you?

Like really brutally honest? I’m in the best shape of my life and I don’t belong to a gym. To be 100% truthful, I can’t stand going to the gym.

I was a member of gyms for many years and it always seemed like a good idea when I signed up. I would get really excited and swear that this would be the year that I would get in shape. But then…

  • I wouldn’t go.
  • I would feel guilty that I wasn’t going.
  • I didn’t lose weight and I never felt fit.
  • I was stuck in a gym contract that I wasn’t using.

What the heck was going on?

I used to think,

“__ is in great shape and goes to the gym so that’s what I should do.”

“If I join a gym it will cost less than paying for individual classes.”

“I need to do cardio and weights a certain number of times a week.”

“The personal trainers are really hot – that will motivate me!”

None of these are good reasons to work out and clearly it didn’t work for me. The classes at the gym weren’t a good fit for me (or weren’t at a time I could go). I got bored working out on machines more than once or twice a week. I didn’t get the results I was looking for because the gym was not aligned with Me.

How I changed things up…

I thought about all the ways that I’ve enjoyed moving my body since I was young. What could I do outside of the gym that would fit into my lifestyle? What could I do that would be Fun, that I would do consistently and also get me Fit? Could my workouts feed my soul as well as my body and become something that I crave rather than resist?

I did some brainstorming and thought about all the ways I like to move my body… and created my own Fitness Plan based on Me. My list includes dancing, hooping, swimming, tennis, cycling and yoga. Many of these activities I can do on my own without any special equipment. Some of them require a friend – bonus! All of them are things I love.

I was a little scared… would I really do it on my own?

Since I am someone who needs accountability, I sign up for a series of classes. I go out dancing and hoop regularly in the park with friends. I get competitive enough playing tennis that I’m inspired to improve my game and take lessons. I commute to work on my bike so that fitness becomes part of my lifestyle.  I create attainable goals and push myself to reach them. I have found it surprisingly easy to create my own personal fitness plan that really works. It works because it is Fun, fits into my lifestyle and makes me feel good.

How can you create a fitness plan that is based on You?

How do you like to move your body? What fitness activities feed your soul? What activities are included in Your Personal Fitness Plan? Share them in the comments below!