Dance outside my Comfort Zone

dancingRecently, I had the opportunity to dance outside my comfort zone.

None of my friends would ever guess that dancing would be outside my comfort zone. Because I love to dance… and I dance a lot!

And yet… I’ve never learned to partner dance. 

I’ve been going to Falcon Ridge Folk festival with my mom for a number of years and the 3 stages of amazing music is the main reason I go.

But Falcon Ridge is also known for their fantastic dance tent (a lot of people go just for the dancing).

Let me get super honest here – I’ve been avoiding the dance tent.

What’s going on?  The dance tent is all about partner dancing. Mostly contra, but there’s also swing and waltzing.  If you’re wondering why this is an issue, I guess I’ll have to let you in on a little secret. As much as I love to dance … when I try to waltz, salsa, rhumba or contra I get two left feet and step all over my dance partner’s toes. 

Something about waiting to get asked to dance has always rubbed me the wrong way. As a freestyle dancer, I grew up dancing whenever I wanted to – with my girlfriends, with myself or with a partner. There was no getting sidelined or feeling rejected because no-one asked you to dance.

And yet, the truth is I’ve been secretly wishing I was spinning around the floor with a partner.

So this year I decided to swallow my pride, forget about looking cool and just get out there on the dance floor. I took a deep breath, walked right out to the middle of the dance floor and raised my hand signaling that I was in need of a partner.

Someone asked me! I quickly told them I was a beginner who wanted to learn and they replied, “Well everyone had to start somewhere right?” Big sigh of relief.

That first dance was the start of a whole lot of dancing (and getting spun around) all weekend long. 

I felt so good knowing that I had successfully pushed past those silly fears of mine wanting to keep me safely in my comfort zone. Because as comfortable as it is to sit on the sidelines and watch I had a lot more fun dancing the night away

Are you secretly wishing you could dance (or step) outside your comfort zone?