CelebrateDon’t you love when something you’ve worked really hard for and poured your heart and soul into – completely exceeds your expectations?

It’s a good thing I like celebrating!  ‘Cause I’m happy to report there’s been a whole lot of celebrating going on around these parts – from the incredible women who just finished Slim, Fit and Sexy in 6 Weeks.

It was the kind of group I’ve been dreaming of leading – where all of the women truly came together and encouraged, motivated and supported each-other. I’m so inspired and humbled by their dedication, commitment and… their results!

Holy sh*t, these ladies brought it! Check out these numbers…

C lost 21 pounds & 5″ from her waist.

B lost 12 pounds & 2.5″ from her waist.

R lost 5 pounds & 2″ from her waist.

V lost 3″ from her waist & got normal cholesterol #’s (first time in 10 years).

D lost 15 pounds & had a dance party in the dressing room when she fit into a smaller size top.


And that’s not all… even better than the #’s were the reports of just plain feeling good – being in a great mood, having lots of energy, feeling in control of food cravings (and binges) and feeling way more positive and self confident about themselves.

“I can’t believe I lost weight eating food that tastes this good!”

“This is the easiest weight I’ve ever lost!”

“I have more energy and I’m in a better mood!”

“I’m down to my end of summer weight!”

Want some even better news? This wasn’t the result of calorie counting, deprivation, crazy hours at the gym or some crazy fad diet. This was the result of eating delicious whole foods (plus some Intermittent Fasting), regular movement, changing internal beliefs and luxurious doses of self-care and self-love.

Why yes I did spend the last week celebrating these ladies (and encouraged them to buy new outfits). ‘Cause they deserve it!

Want to join in the celebrations?
How about some YAYs! and WooHoos! for these ladies?

Now I get to celebrate (I lost an inch off my belly too!). Ha. Well I did, but what I’m really celebrating is that I get to be a part of so much awesome transformation doing work that I love (it’s more addictive than chocolate!).

I’m celebrating by taking a trip to the Bahamas for a yoga retreat with my mom (who lost 2″ off her waist!) for some much needed R&R before the Spring Cleanse whirlwind begins (and the book writing!).

Want to know the Spring Cleanse dates? Mark your calendar – April 3-18. Registration opens on March 17. I look forward to more weight loss celebrations after the Spring Cleanse – I hope you’ll join us!

In the meantime, want to join the Slim, Fit and Sexy movement? Click here to join the Free Slim, Fit and Sexy private Facebook group. Sorry guys, this group is just for the ladies.