3 Reasons for a Fall Cleanse

Liz with KaleSo you may be wondering… Isn’t cleansing a Spring thing? Why cleanse in the Fall? To be honest, I used to think the same thing. Doing a juice fast in the fall or winter just doesn’t make sense unless you live in Hawaii (I wish!).

The difference is Seasonal Cleansing. A Seasonal Cleanse helps you gently transition into the new season with food and self-care practices that support your body.

1. Smooth Transition from Summer to Fall.

Transitions can be rocky or smooth… a Fall cleanse smoothes out those rough edges. When you barrel full tilt into fall without changing how you eat or nurturing yourself – you’re going to feel tired, overwhelmed and stressed out. You may find yourself suddenly eating lots of carbs and sugar. Your immune system might even call you out with a Fall cold.

Hold on a minute, friend, we haven’t even gotten to the holidays yet! How about this instead – feeling energized, healthy and having an arsenal of recipes to get you through the fall in style. 

2. Change up what you’re eating for the Fall Season

If you’ve been thriving on smoothies, salads and grilling all summer long, perhaps you’ve gotten a little lazy in the kitchen (how does the oven work?!). Eating too many cold/raw foods in the fall and winter can lead to low energy and a deficient immune system. It’s time to get back in the kitchen and take advantage of the Fall Harvest. Fall foods naturally warm you up, support your immune system and get you ready for the cold days of winter.

3. Feel good in your Skinny Jeans

This one’s a little tricky. I don’t think you should do a cleanse solely to lose weight, however it’s a nice side benefit. Most people report losing 3-7 pounds during a cleanse. Will it stay off? It depends. If you go back to eating exactly how you were before then probably not. However, if you make changes to your diet based on what you learned in the cleanse then not only will it stay off, you can lose even more. Those skinny jeans never felt so good! 

The big payoff for me was that as I kept going with some of the diet we started with. I initially lost about ten pounds. I’ve since lost another five and have been happily 15 pounds below my weight for over 9 months. The good news that I feel great; the bad news I’ve had to buy a new clothes. I need to do so anyway as some of my things are over 15 years old; the successful weight loss sealed the deal.”

– Chuck Redmon, Cambridge MA

Inspired to try a Fall Cleanse? My 5 Day Fall Cleanse will smooth your transition to Fall (and maybe those skinny jeans too!). Find out more here: 5 Day Fall Cleanse